How hotels can drive revenue and improve employee safety with indoor location

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Hotel groups must innovate to remain competitive. Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) charge 15-25% commission on bookings made via their websites and withhold valuable customer information from hotels. Guests must still queue to check-in and rely on physical door-tags to indicate when they want their rooms cleaned. Locating staff in an emergency is still a manual process often requiring radio communication.

Pointr’s Deep Location Platform promises to help solve all these issues and more.

Boost revenues

Certain hotel groups have already significantly boosted direct bookings by providing an exclusive in-app room-picking and digital check-in experience to guests. Customers pick their exact room (e.g. room 711) from a floor-plan and check-in on their phone up to 24 hours in advance. A ‘digital key’ is delivered to guests via their mobile app when they arrive at the hotel allowing them to bypass the front desk and simply proceed straight to their room.

Pointr’s technology also gives hotels the tools to provide loyal guests with other great features such as:

  • Wayfinding inside the hotel - help guests find the breakfast room, the pool or their car in an indoor parking lot
  • Order food & drinks in-app to your location - allow guests to order no matter where they are
  • Share live location with colleagues, family or friends
  • Request housekeeping services in-app as soon as you leave your room

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Improve safety and operations

In recent years, the safety of hotel workers such as housekeeping staff has been the subject of increasing attention. Equipping staff members with wireless panic buttons on a lanyard or pinned to clothing that also provides their location information can be critical in emergencies. In the event of an attack, they could simply push the emergency button and instantly send an alert to security.

In an emergency situation, every second counts. Pointr’s technology enables hotels to monitor the real-time whereabouts of staff anywhere in the building. Location data can be shared with security personnel, the fire department and other emergency services instantly allowing precious time to be saved when it counts.

This can also help improve the efficiency of cleaning operations through live updates, and can help you direct staff to customers needing assistance or areas of the hotel which require urgent attention.

WiFi analytics in your hotel

Pointr’s technology enables hotels to analyse how guests interact with various services and facilities. The Pointr Deep Location platform includes heatmaps, zonal footfall measurements, path analytics and real-time tracking allowing you to better understand new and repeat visitors, as well as identify your most valuable guests by the number of visits they make and how they interact with your facilities.


About Pointr

Pointr, the Deep Location company, is a global technology leader in real-time location for smart venues.

We digitise venues, enabling them to create immersive location experiences and to improve their operations. We work with major international customers in aviation, retail, hospitality and smart office.


Built by a team of computer scientists and fuelled by 6 patents, our Deep Location platform provides location-based services such as mapping, navigation and asset tracking, location-based marketing and powerful location analytics.

Our team consists of computer scientists, solution architects and programme managers with extensive experience implementing Deep Location for international clients. We provide a full service and we accompany our customers at every step.

To date, Pointr is deployed across 18 countries across North America, Europe and Asia and powers geolocation for 1 billion people every year. We have offices in London, Istanbul, Dubai and the US and local partners in Hong Kong and Singapore.