Pointr launches indoor navigation at King’s Cross with Virgin Trains

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  • First time globally where indoor location of this performance is rolled out within a train station

  • Passengers using dedicated app can see their location on map, search for points of interest and navigate to it

  • Navigation for the visually impaired, messaging capability, baggage tracking and real time travel data amongst future features

Pointr solves a key problem, that most navigation technologies today bring you up to the door of a venue, but can’t go a step further. As soon as an individual enters a venue, both the customer and the venue immediately lose the digital advantages technology can deliver online.
That is why Virgin Trains has launched a global first in rail travel technology with its new Explorer app (powered by Pointr) which helps customers on its east coast route navigate their way around stations to locate friends, shops and platforms. The app also has a beta feature for real time automatic sign translation for international customers to read signs in their own language.

Planned updates include messaging capability, baggage tracking and real time travel data. Additionally, features which will enable independent navigation for the visually impaired, are planned for the future. These include audio cues guiding customers around the station, routing through optimum paths (e.g. lifts versus stairs), and location-based notifications, such as “you are on the right train”.

“In five years time, indoor navigation will be a common expectation. Much like every car that rolls off the production line comes with sat nav as standard, shopping malls, workspaces, stations, sports stadiums and airports will be expected to seamlessly enable their visitors to experience and discover their space through indoor navigation. We can make that happen. Working with Virgin Trains at King’s Cross is how we hope to bring this innovation to the rail industry.” – Axel Katalan, Chief Marketing Officer, Pointr.

Virgin Trains’ Explorer app, which is free for IOS and Android users to download, launches initially at King’s Cross before rolling out to all stations on the east coast route later this year. The rail operator plans to use the initial roll out to gather customer feedback on the app, with further plans to integrate feedback into future updates.