Safe Return to Work Accelerated by Pointr WorkSafe

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"Lots of employers contacted us asking us to help with two problems," comments Ege Akpinar, CEO of Pointr, a leader in indoor location services. "Employers need contact tracing where they don't have to send everyone home when one person tests positive. The second problem is occupancy counting where they need to be sure there is no overcrowding and they can monitor the occupancy rates."

Pointr is experiencing a boom in business following the creation of WorkSafe, its latest product which comprises a suite of services that build on its core indoor location technology.

Pointr's WorkSafe solution uniquely solves these contact tracing and occupancy management problems.


Safely managing occupancy levels is also solved by WorkSafe. A live occupancy count of the office is available throughout the day via the WorkSafe dashboard. It alerts when getting close to above the safe occupancy level.

"Buy Pointr WorkSafe to be up and running in less than 24 hours with a solution that reassures your team to safely return to the office. We also work with partners globally to make this accessible," said Ege Akpinar, CEO of Pointr.

The WorkSafe suite is available as Standard and Plus. Standard includes Contact Tracing and Occupancy Manager and is up and running within a day. Plus adds floor level Occupancy Manager as well as Congestion Supervisor, Cleaning Monitor and Safe Wayfinding with the addition of some quick-to-install hardware in the office.

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About Pointr

Pointr is a global leader in indoor location. Pointr's software technology provides highly accurate indoor positioning. Machine-learning expertise allows location-based services such as digital mapping, navigation, location tracking, geofencing and powerful location-based analytics. Pointr works with major customers in retail, workplace, aviation and hospitality across North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

About Pointr WorkSafe

In the last few weeks, Pointr leveraged their indoor location expertise to help businesses get back to work safely. Over the last month, Pointr's team of software engineers and computer scientists worked to create a new building re-entry solution from scratch, using components from Pointr's existing software technology. The result is the WorkSafe Suite, a range of solutions that provide occupancy and congestion management, contact tracing, safe wayfinding, cleaning compliance. Find out more at