Stop selling products. It's time to offer the best CX.

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The customer is always right in retail, and it doesn’t look set to change. Technology hasn’t yet decimated the high street – in fact, it looks set to complement brick-and-mortar shops to meet customer needs. Customer Experience (CX), a metric that has only really come to the fore over the past couple of years, has been on the rise.

But last year, global CX quality has stood still – or even dropped.

We’ve previously looked at what is coming in the future of retail. But the nature of retail is changing. And it is more than just selling things.

New technology, like AI , mobile payments and voice-controlled assistants, is making it easier for customers to shop in an instant. And they are expecting companies to tailor their offering to them.

It’s time to move from selling your goods, to selling your customers an experience.

Customer loyalty is low

With more options available than ever, fewer customers feel particular loyalty to brands.

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It’s incredibly easy for customers to shop around for a better deal. Research by the Temkin Group has shown that, with the exception of banks and computers, customers prioritise price over service. 59% of customers cite convenience as the most important factor in a purchase.

Able to access and compare hundreds of brands across the world, it’s incredibly easy for customers to choose where they spend.

That same technology that has equipped customers to spend more online has also created competition for traditional retailers. Anyone with a phone and internet connection can set up an online store with immediate global distribution.

It’s no longer enough for traditional retailers to build a brand that people identify with – your brand has to offer consumers something in return.

Customers are incredibly savvy

Customers are aware of how tech savvy they are; more than half of thembelieve they are “more digitally forward-thinking than some retailers.”

Over two-thirds of women in the UK have checked the reviews of a product before purchasing it. 59% of Americans have used their phones discuss a purchase, whilst they’re in-store.

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Multi-channel marketing has offered customers an unparalleled access to information, a high quality of service, and personalisation at different touch points. But that hasn’t always translated into their in-store experience.

It isn’t the end of retail as we know it, though. 60% of customers said they would be more likely to shop with a digitally innovative retailer. In fact, one in five want retailers to use technology – such as Pointr’s – that will improve their customer experience.

Your customers are ready to be wowed

Consumers are receptive to retailers who use technology in tandem with traditional methods in order to create a more exclusive and relevant customer experience.

They’re willing to share their data in order to reap the rewards of a more efficient and personalised experience. But, according to Sean Donnelly, a senior analyst at Econsultancy speaking at an Adobe event, “people don’t buy things from us because of analytics… it’s because of an emotional response.”

One of the easiest ways to trigger that emotional response is to make customer’s feel right at home; like their custom is important, and that your business values the relationship.

A staggering 8 out of 10 customers like being offered products they may also like, or offers based on their previous purchases. 20% will go on to buy these suggested products.

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It’s more than simple upselling: more than 60% of shoppers feel loyal to the brands that offer a customised customer experience. Personalisation pays.

And since customers are already on their phones in store – last year, 6 out of 10 in-store supermarket mobile transactions were made with e-wallets like Apple or Google Pay – offering a mobile customer experience that integrates with the bricks and mortar store is a simple way to create a seamless, more enjoyable experience.

Alongside our core offering of deep navigation services – apps that use Bluetooth beacons and AR to help customers get around – we also offer tech that will enhance the customer experience.

From push notifications that inform customers of deals near to them, to personalised offers that reward them for their loyalty, we use tech to cultivate a more enjoyable in-store experience.

Customers are savvy. And they know what they want. Craft experiences that benefit them, earn their loyalty, and the sales will come.

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